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Dr. Bootsy Calico is the main antagonist in The Boss Baby: Back in Business. His voice actor is Jake Green. He was abandoned at an unknown age, mostly like as an infant.


Bootsy was raised by cats. One day his mother cat was dangling from a tree branch, and Mega Fat CEO Baby decided to record his adoptive mother's most embarrassing moment in a silly poster. However, Boss Baby took credit for the poster and Bootsy plotted his revenge on Boss Baby instead of Mega Fat CEO Baby.

Bootsy opened up a restaurant and introduced Mr. Pineapple, who charmed all the customers into loving him. This love quickly fades, However, after Staci and Jimbo cut off Mr. Pineapple's supply of Shanghai penguin clams. The duo soon throw the clams at the costumers, causing rapid chaos. This soon escalates, as a unnamed man take out the Take-Out kittens, which jump out of their containers and join the chaos, destroying the restaurant's reputation in one sharp swipe. (No pun intended.)