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What Is The Boss Baby Franchise?

The Boss Baby Franchise is a media franchise created by Dream Works Animation, The Boss Baby franchise follows the character Boss Baby and his brother Tim through many adventures.

Who Are We


The Boss Baby Franchise originated from Marla Frazee's books The Boss Baby and The Bossier Baby. These books would inspire Dream Works Animation to create the film The Boss Baby in 2017, the film was received with average reviews. The Boss Baby franchise would be continued in 2018 by the Netflix original show The Boss Baby: Back In Business which would go on to have four seasons. The show would also have a book series based off of it made as well.


The Boss Baby Franchise will soon receive a main series sequel called The Boss Baby: Family Business.


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Whats The Deal with People Enjoying The Boss Baby?

The Boss Baby Franchise is designed to provoke deeper thought about commonly established ideas in business culture and has persistent themes of Business culture versus Humanity. The Boss Baby Franchise can be considered "Avant-Garde" as The Boss Baby Franchise is very radical and unorthodox in the way in which ideas are presented. The Boss Baby Franchise has elements with in it that are designed to provoke the viewer, this provocativeness is what has led to most media of the franchise holding such mediocre reviews. Critics of the franchise are put off by the visceral emotion and passion placed within the series and gain a disdain out of shock from the pure rawness that The Boss Baby Franchise has with its scenes. Often in the TV show, The Boss Baby: Back in Business, characters listen to the music genre "Rock", despite it being established as it being "the devils music". Rock music you know was seen by many as devil music, most people at the time of its inception called it trash, meaningless and noisy, not out of any reason but because they hated the ideas presented by Rock. The Boss Baby: Back in Business referencing Rock during a time where Rock was still seen by the mainstream population as "evil", is of course a subtle comparison to the mainstream populations reaction to The Boss Baby Franchise. The Boss Baby: Back in Business is of course commenting on how quickly we are to judge the series not caring about facts but "emotion". This is the main reason why people enjoy The Boss Baby Franchise, because of its deep societal commentary.