What a character page needs

  • The Character infobox
    • To insert this, use {{Character}}
  • An image
  • Categories (minimally three)
  • Their voice actor included

Character Page Example

The article should be the character's full name; for example; instead of The Boss Baby, his page's name is Theodore Lindsay Templeton, since it is his full name; full names aren't always credited names, so if the character's full name is contradictory to their credited name, the character's full name should be the page name.

Character's Name (if the characters name is contradictory to their name in the credits at the end of the movie/episode, then do NOT bold it), also known as Credited Name (if their name is the same in the credits as it is in the show/movie, the character's name should be bolded, and should be at the beginning of the article), formerly known as Other Names, is a character featured in Movie, Book, or The Boss Baby: Back in Business (if they are in the books, movies, and the show, write The Boss Baby franchise). They debut in Movie, Book, or Episode (for a character from the show, write 'They debut in the {{{blank}}} episode of the {{{blank}}} season; user links). They are portrayed by ('starring cast member' if it is a main cast member; co-star if it is a minor cast member; 'guest star' if it is a recurring cast member who plays a larger role in the episode/movie but not a main one) voice actor name (if it is a character from the book, do not add this).

More examples to look at

Some good examples of Boss Baby Wiki's character page outline are:

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