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WARNING! This article contains spoilers for The Boss Baby: Back in Business Season Three!

Brayden, nicknamed Shover and called Aegi, the Korean word for baby, by his mother, was a baby who once attended daycare with Staci and was part of the Mommy–Daddy–Baby playgroup with the Boss Baby. Before the season 3 episode, "Halloween", most people thought his name was Aegi. Before Season 3, he was a running gag in the show, Staci often remarking how much she hates him, how evil he is, and using him as an example of why she knows those things.


He is known to like shoving people, which earned him his nickname "Shover".

Physical Appearance

Brayden is a chubbier baby, having around the same body type as Jimbo. He has short black hair and nearly-black-brown eyes. He usually wears a black shirt without sleeves.


Brayden was the infant son of Hae-Sook and came from a Korean family. He attended daycare with Staci, where they were close friends and routinely caused trouble together. Their friendship ended when he betrayed her. The two babies were hiding under a table with a cookie jar at daycare, and Brayden pushed Staci out from under the table so that she was discovered by an adult. After the betrayal, Staci strongly disliked Brayden and often expressed anger towards him during her work at Baby Corp. He was discovered to be Brayden on the season 3 episode, "Halloween", when Staci was shoved. Staci said "I know that shove." and promptly unmasked him, and she said loudly "Brayden!" which revealed to the new field team and to Boss Baby that he was the Brayden that Staci often talked about.

In later episodes, he was good at holding Staci back when she tried to prevent Boss Baby's plan from happening. Staci had failed her mission, and she continues to be mad at Brayden.

He tried to save Staci on Episode 11 when he prevented one of Happy Sedengry toys that grew very large, but Staci still felt betrayed, and said, "You deserved that", after Brayden saved her, and got hurt.

Role in the Series

Behind the scenes

Aegi (애기) is an informal and cute way to refer to a baby in Korean. Agi (아기) is a formal word for baby.

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