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The CEO of Baby Corp or chief executive officer was the leading executive of the company Baby Corp. As chief executive officer, they were the boss of all the babies involved in the day-to-day operations of the company, including Theodore Templeton, the Boss Baby. The CEO answered to Baby Corp's Board of Directors, who could fire them for poor performance.


Mega Fat CEO Baby was the long time CEO of Baby Corp and the Boss Baby's boss. After Mega Fat CEO Baby was fired, the Boss Baby hoped he would be promoted to CEO. Instead, Mega Fat was replaced by Turtleneck Superstar CEO Baby a baby from the Research and Development Department. While outwardly a highly competent and ambitious baby, she was secretly an undercover old lady and the wife of Frederic Estes, bent on taking down Baby Corp from the inside so that old people could take all the love from babies.

After Estes and Turtleneck Superstar were thwarted by the Boss Baby and his Field Team, he once again expected to be rewarded for his efforts to protect Baby Corp and Baby Love with a promotion to CEO. While he briefly served as interim CEO, he was shortly after fired by the Board of Directors and blamed for his involvement in the puppy, cat and old people disaster he had worked to stop. Following this, the Board of Directors brought in a long string of new CEOs, none of whom lasted in the position very long. While first hiring previously unknown babies in the position, starting with Scary Sweary CEO Baby, they eventually turned to promoting more familiar babies to the position, such as Peg, Katja and Jimbo. Eventually the Triplets were promoted to CEO during the climax of the Boss Baby's face-off with Happy Sedengry and the Bubbeezee Corporation. After the Boss Baby stopped Happy Sedengry, he was re-instated as an employee of Baby Corp and given the new position of CEO. By the time he returned to Baby Corp, however, the Triplets had wrought chaos throughout the company, leaving the entire Baby Corp building a mess.

Chronology of CEOs

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