Danny Petrosky is a boy, who is one of Timothy Leslie Templeton's friends. He is voiced by Justin Felbinger. He is mentioned often as where Tim has heard some of his wilder stories such as Wendi McCrackin turns kids into robots.

He is referred to as, by most people, as a liar and a moron.


He is a big kid who had long brown hair. He wears a green jacket with its sleeves ripped off with a red motorbike t-shirt on underneath with brown bants and checkered shoes.


Danny is rather dim and is portrayed as a lazy boy whose insides are mostly nacho cheese. His parents are divorced and he lives with his father and his father's girlfriend. He is very close to his dad and they built a go-kart together called Thunder Dumpling. Staci has also added his dad is a great businessman.

He enjoys throwing coins at squirrels. Stating that he is fighting in a war against them.


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