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Hendershot is a worker baby for Baby Corp. He is voiced by Brandon Scott. He is a recurring character in Boss Baby: Back to Business. He works as a manager and is often seen doing computer work in the background.


Hendershot has brown skin, reddish hair and brown eyes. He wears formal business attire with a black suit, white trim and yellow tie.


Hendershot works hard for Baby Corp and is an ally of Boss Baby. When Boss Baby is framed as a traitor during Season 2's A Fugitive's Day Out, he is one of the people who work to prove Boss Baby's innocence.

He is one of the more clever babies at Baby Corp and is able to type 157 shapes per minute. He is also one of the few to recognise Boss Baby in Season 3 while most of the other babies didn't. In the finale, he is the only one not celebrating and discovers the danger that they face.

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