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WARNING! This article contains spoilers for The Boss Baby: Back in Business Season Three!

JJ is one of the main characters and field team members on The Boss Baby: Back in the Crib.

JJ is voiced by starring cast member Alex Cazares who also voices Staci in The Boss Baby: Back in Business.


JJ is a girl with dark brown eyes and light skin. She has a muscly build like Jimbo when he was a baby. Her black ponytail is similar to Staci’s hair, but instead of three pink beads, she has one pink bead, one green bead, and one blue bead. She has short bang-like hair in the front pulled to the sides. She wears a pink t-shirt with a denim overall dress. Her outfit has a rainbow printed on the front and buttons on the straps.


Unlike her mother, JJ has a very nice and friendly personality. She has displayed many times her care and respect for everyone. She is always loyal to Baby Corp and her team. She always has a can-do attitude like her boss, Tina Templeton taught her.


JJ was first introduced is Season 1, Episode 1 of The Boss Baby: Back in The Crib. She was shown to be a member of the Tina’s field team. She was asked by Baby Corp to join the team because of the family relations (Jimbo and Staci). She worked hard and became a real asset to the team, and helped take down The Uncuddleables before joining them and getting fired.