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Janice Templeton , also known and credited as Mom[1], is a main character in the Boss Baby franchise. Her voice actors are Lisa Kudrow in The Boss Baby and Hope Levy in The Boss Baby: Back in Business.


Janice and her husband, Ted, welcome the baby with all their hearts but aren't suspicious of him at all. They think Tim is overreacting, however everything he believes is true. Blinded by his cuteness, the Boss Baby's parents protect him in every way possible.
When they catch Tim trying to fling the Boss Baby out the window of the second story, he is grounded and the Boss Baby receives all his attention and care. When their trip to Las Vegas with Francis Francis draws nearer, they leave the Boss Baby and Tim with Eugene, Francis's brother, however it is unknown to them Eugene wants to stop them from interfering with Francis's plan.
When they reach Las Vegas, Janice and Ted are astonished to see that Tim and the Boss Baby are there, but when they arrive, Janice and Ted are locked inside a large heart-shaped chocolate box.
After Tim and the Boss Baby defeat Francis, they free Janice and Ted and fly back home. Since the Boss Baby's mission is done, he returns to Baby Corp and Janice is brainwashed and remembers none of the previous events.
After Tim sends the Boss Baby a compassionate letter asking him to join their family, he returns and is christened Theodore Lindsey Templeton.