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Joy Freeman, also known as Quiet Psycho Baby, was a baby who attended the Mommy–Daddy–Baby playgroup with the Boss Baby and became part of his new field team. She is the daughter of Mayor Freeman.

Joy is an extremely quiet baby, she often never makes noise and doesn’t cry. Joy may be quiet and often shows no emotion but has been seen to smile, and was one of the few babies who enjoyed the doctor's comedy routine and wants to be a comedian herself when she gets older, she reveals this by telling Boss baby a joke in baby talk that is so funny he falls over laughing. Joy doesn’t blink often as she is slowly taking everything around her in.

It is revealed in "The Big Break" that Joy is influenced sensitively. When the doctor's burp box was replaced with one that makes vomit sounds, Joy became nauseated and almost vomited. She also doesn’t enjoy extremely loud sounds.

Her roll in the doctor's office helped Boss Baby realize every person has their likes and dislikes, while most babies didn’t enjoy the doctor's comedy she liked it. Some things Joy likes are scary paintings/objects. Evidence of this is in "The Museum Job", where Joy smiled at a painting that had a picture of a bleeding soul. In "Bossa Nova" she paints a rather scary picture.

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