Scooter Buskie - Scooter's retraining
Scooter needs retraining!
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Mr. Buskie

NAME: Mr. Buskie
Scooter Buskie - Mr and Mrs. Buskie see scooter again
AGE: Unknown; adult
PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Brown hair, brown eyes, mustache
Mr. Buskie is a minor character in The Boss Baby: Back in Business. His voice actor is Kevin Richardson. He is the father of Scooter Buskie and the husband of Mrs. Buskie. He appeared only in the episode "Scooter Buskie." In "Scooter Buskie", he was mostly seen assembling the package he received from the Boss Baby's field team. Later in the episode, he is seen again hugging Scooter after Scooter was at Baby Corp.


NAME: Staci [[File:{{{image}}}|center|thumb]]
AGE: Baby; Baby
PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Black baby hair, brown baby eyes, constant ponytail
Staci is a major character in The Boss Baby: Back in Business. Her voice actor is ViviAnn Yee. She is a baby what else is there to say really, just a cool ass baby.