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WARNING! This article contains spoilers for The Boss Baby: Back in Business Season Three!

Magnus, mistakenly called Jason by Mega Fat CEO Baby, is a recurring character in The Boss Baby: Back in Business. He helped Mega Fat while he was CEO, and somehow lost his inside voice in an accident, forcing him to loudly shout every word. His voice actor is David Lodge.

He also helped Mega Fat become a better baby and get adopted by Marsha Krinkle. Like his fellow co-workers, Magnus is a professionally-dressed baby. He has a red fade cut, green eyes, and a brown suit with white trim.


Magnus used to be Mega Fat CEO Baby's second-in-command. He would usually keep the latter entertained, repeat what was just told, or give his own commands at times. He tends to speak in a loud, monotone voice, which he claims to be the result of an accident. He tends to speak in a third-person perspective and only speaks when necessary.

He also is a quote "baby of conscience".

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