Worker Baby Peg is a minor recurring character in Boss Baby: Back in Business. She is a worker baby and can often be seen in the background of office scenes. She is voiced by Hope Levy.


She has red hair tied up in small pigtails. She wears a white shirt with a green skirt as her office wear.


Commonly in the background of office scenes, Peg is a sassy baby who often gives one-liners. She possibly works She admitted to not understanding what was so good about pattycake in S2E6. Jimbo was not impressed by this. In S2E13, she is scared of growing old and dying without having tried Thai food. She is also in the group of babies who come to support Boss Baby after having consumed stinky serum.

In S3E8, she was painting the CEO portrait of Buddy and got irritated when he refused to remain still.


  • Her first appearance is in S1E1 'Scooter Buskie' where she is being chased by Scooter Buskie when Tim lets him loose in the office.
  • Her first speaking appearance is in S1E7 'The Boss Babysitter'. She is named in the credits as Worker Baby Peg.
  • There is one other baby in the office with her model type, but they wear a blue skirt have no speaking roles. They can be seen in the opening scene pushing a mail cart.
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