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WARNING! This article contains spoilers for The Boss Baby: Back in Business Season Three!

Season Three is the third season of The Boss Baby: Back in Business. It premiered on Netflix on March 16, 2020. In Season Three, the Boss Baby will be fired from his job at Baby Corp and join a play group that includes babies Scooter Buskie and Jarreau MacIntosh. It will also see the return of the Mega Fat CEO Baby, for the first time since "Fugitive's Day Out," the sixth episode of Season Two. He is now "Mega Fat Regular Baby" adopted son of Marsha Krinkle. Season Three will also have a new enemy, a "babblist" named Happy Sedengry, who fraudulently claims to understand baby speech.


Name Written by Directed by
"Bossa Nova" Brandon Sawyer Dan Forgione
"The Museum Job" Tanner Tananbaum Matt Whitlock
"Ga Ba Goo Ga Ba (The Babblist)" JD Ryznar Pete Jacobs
"The Coo Chi Coup" Sarah Katin & Nakia Trower Shuman Dan Forgione
"The Big Break" Brandon Sawyer Matt Whitlock
"Lights, Camera, Org Chart!" Tanner Tananbaum Pete Jacobs
"Escape from Krinkle's" JD Ryznar Dan Forgione
"Halloween" Sarah Katin & Nakia Trower Shuman Matt Whitlock
"Puppy Party" Tanner Tananbaum Pete Jacobs
"Who's a Good Baby?" Brandon Sawyer Dan Forgione
"Mega Fat" JD Ryznar Matt Whitlock


  • Unlike the previous two seasons, which have 13 episodes, this season only has 11 episodes.
  • This is the first season to have the 2019 Netflix bumper.

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