Timothy Leslie Templeton is a main protagonist of the Boss Baby franchise. His voice actors are Miles Bakshi as a child and Tobey Maguire as an adult in The Boss Baby and The Boss Baby 2, and Pierce Gagnon in The Boss Baby: Back in Business.


Tim was loved and adored by his parents, and often loved to use his imagination to overcome his fears. One day, Tim looks outside and sees a baby in a suit arrive at the front door, and decides to investigate to see what is going on. Just as he arrives downstairs, his parents introduce the baby as his new brother, "Theodore", much to Tim's shock and dismay. 

Soon enough, Theodore starts taking up all of Tim's time with his folks and Tim seems to be the only one who is supsicious of the sudden baby, but his parents think that it is "cute." 

One night, Tim goes into Theodore's room and finds out that he can walk, talk, read, and write. Tim demands to know what is going on, and Theodore replies that he is "making room for the next generation", which provokes Tim into wanting to expose his new brother to his folks. 

The next day, Tim sneaks into the living room and finds Theodore with his workers, Staci, the Triplets, and Jimbo discussing their mission to bring down a new puppy that PuppyCorp. will soon be introducing to the world at their Puppy-Convention. Tim manages to record all of their doings on tape, which leads to a chase scene between him and the babies.